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Proud Afrique t/a  Alfresco Graphics and Signs is a business solely run by Dr. Chris Adendorff, since 1997. Hoping to utilize their talents, he has created a business plan to obtain an affirmative partner to assist Alfresco in enhancing full scale production of signage and to further their standing of large format digital printing in the South African and African markets.

South African Breweries, SABCO Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola South Africa currently forms part of Alfresco’s biggest business and have been since the day of opening. The relationship has been that of a two-fold field of concept supply and demand. The relationship is of an on going basis and demands set by them as well as South African Breweries International is getting ever increasing for moving towards products manufactured on large scale through manufacturing, rigging and large format digital printing. The pressure to franchise in Cape Town, George, East London and other areas are increasing.


“We will be the best Graphics and Signs company in South Africa.”

To establish Alfresco Graphics and Signs as the first choice for corporate signage in the Eastern Cape region.


One-stop service to Alfresco Graphics and Signs means providing customers with each and every element in the process. This includes designing the concepts, scanning the originals, assembling the final digital files, proofing the colours, printing the panels, manufacturing the signs, applying printed panels onto the mediums and “full - scale rigging” of the completed products, all of it in the Alfresco facility. Alfresco does not believe in making promises that someone else would have to keep.
Our Products

Alfresco specialises in turn-key products and we are able to design and manufacture almost any form of signage you require. Our facilities include state-of-the-art large format printers, vinyl cutters, laser cutters. We also provide a wide range of general signage products for indoor and outdoor use.
Prof. Chris Adendorff
Managing Director

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